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Read Horn of Africa USA is a charitable, nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of the Somali people devastated by civil war, disease and poverty. Two decades of conflict and recurrent environmental and climatic calamities have taken their toll on the people of Somalia. An estimated 3.64 million Somalis are currently in crisis affected by conflicts, severe drought and high food and non-food prices.

Somalia today is a failed state and remains to be one of the most insecure places in the world. The most vulnerable members of the society, namely the children, are the ones who suffer the most. Infant mortality rates in Somalia are among the highest in the word. The under-five mortality rate for Somali children is at a stunning 225 per 1000 births with the bulk of deaths from preventable diseases like diarrhea, respiratory infections and malaria.

Nutrition data also indicates that an estimated 285,000 children are acutely malnourished in Somalia, of which 70,000 are severely malnourished. This represents one in five and one in 20 of all children, respectively.

Furthermore, schooling is only available to very few children. According to UNICEF, a child of primary school age has only about a one in five chance of attending school. Furthermore, only 30% of the population has access to clean water.

Read Horn of Africa works with local communities and government agencies in the fields of educationhealth and poverty reduction. We believe that we will brighten the future of Somalia through investing in its children.



· Support over 1000 rural, poor, and orphaned children access formal primary and secondary education in central Somalia.

· Motivated local communities to value and invest in the education and well-being of children.

Health & Sanitation

· Built and maintain a water system that supports a town of 20,000 in central Somalia.

· Built sanitation facilities for primary and secondary schools girls and boys.

Emergency Relief

· Partnered with local organizations to provide immediate relief to thousands of famine and drought victims in Dadaab refugee camp, Mogadishu, and central Somalia.

· Supported an orphanage program that provides food, shelter, and free education to 100 orphans.

· Provided shelter for nomadic students attending organization-run schools.

· Started a pilot project to teach self-sustaining agricultural skills to rural families in central Somalia.

Current Objectives:


· Increase access to education by expanding current student sponsorship program with particular focus on difficult-to-reach and disadvantaged groups: orphans, rural, female, poor, and internally displaced children.

· Improve access to quality education by supporting existing schools and constructing new schools in rural communities.

· Provide teacher trainings to enhance teacher preparedness and motivation.

Health & Sanitation

· Increase access to healthcare by supporting existing medical facilities and supporting the construction of new facilities in rural communities.

· Improve access to clean water and sanitation facilities and raise awareness of sanitary and decease prevention habits

Emergency Relief

· Provide lifesaving intervention for acutely malnourished children in the Horn of Africa.


· Provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, and education to additional poor and orphaned children.

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